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Last updated in: February, 2024
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An Overview of The IT Industry in Mexico City


Mexico City is not only the capital of Mexico and its largest city, but also the biggest city in North America with about 9 Mln people, which is a part of the huge Mexico City metro area with around 22 Mln people.

While the city has its challenges, it’s set to become one of Latin America's leading tech hubs by offering an attractive environment for IT professionals and businesses to grow.

A lot of multinational tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Lyft and more, have a local presence in Mexico City, employing lots of skilled tech workers. 

According to CodersLink, there are about 45K new tech graduates each year from the city’s most prestigious universities such as ITESM, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and more than 500K software developers working in the city.

Mexico City is home to about 250 startups and also 2 unicorns (companies valued at more than $1B) which are Kavak - an online marketplace for buying/selling used cars and Bitso - a cryptocurrency trading app.

The city has a strategic geographical location, making it the gateway for tech businesses in Latin America.

Over 250 IT companies from Mexico City are registered on TechBehemoths platform. They are specialized in a broad range of services and have teams with various levels of expertise in specific industries.

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