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A word about us. We are from Berlin, Germany. Since 2012 we create grassroots startups. We created TeslaThemes that was acquired in 2017 by Imagely (USA); Greedeals acquired in 2017 by Hummingbird (UK); and, Mochideals, acquired in 2020 by AppSumo (USA).

At the same time, we do curate custom web development and web design for handpicked clients, allowing us to apply creativity and the latest technological trends and methodologies, based on a proven track record and vision.

TechBehemoths is our latest and the greatest project so far. It's a massive platform, probably the best one on its market. TechBehemoths connects real projects with 56,126 IT companies from 146 countries and 7,725 cities as of today.


All our startups and projects that we have built, were coming from our own needs and frustrations. We were creating startups after startups first of all in order to solve our own problems. It looked like with them we could help hundreds of thousands of other people too, which is why the projects were launched and successfully grown until we made the exits with them. Our projects are used in 193 countries.

With our current project - TechBehemoths, the story repeats itself. In 2019, we were looking for a few strategic partners to share our projects with them, as we were not able to absorb all the projects by our in-house team, there were too many inquiries. For that, we needed specific IT companies but could not find a single web resource that will have a simple, powerful and user-friendly interface to search companies.

That is how we decided to create TechBehemoths. To simplify your efforts in finding the most reputable and efficient IT companies, regardless of their location and size, in a matter of minutes. Effortless and with fun.

TechBehemoths meaning?

This is a wordplay, composed of two words: Tech & Behemoths.

TechBehemoth (noun)

  • a giant, successful, powerful organization from the Tech Industry. Real examples are IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon.
    “the most sophisticated and innovative projects are done by the TechBehemoths”.
  • The noun TechBehemoth can be used to flatter smaller Tech companies with a strong reputation and great results.
    “you guys are great! you are real TechBehemoths”.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary:

Behemoth (noun)

  • a huge or monstrous creature.
    "behemoths like the brontosaurus"
  • something enormous, especially a large and powerful organization.
    "shoppers are now more loyal to their local shops than to faceless behemoths"

Therefore, all the companies listed on our platform, are in a way TechBehemoths. For many as a flatter of being the real MVPs (most valuable players) with an outstanding reputation in their field and, for others, being literally TechBehemoths.


TechBehemoths is tailored with two distinct groups in mind:

  • Reputable, trustful and experienced IT service providers looking for their deserved visibility
  • People, institutions and businesses looking for proven IT Companies to obtain the projects they need

Throughout the years of our activity, we have seen people, teams and projects with real potential, but sadly, because of the bad conjuncture, they were not able not to perform the way they could. They stopped chasing their ambitioned ideas because they did not found the right partner, most of the times. Having by their side someone to rely on, any of the above mentioned two groups could have a present looking totally different.

That is why we do the best we can to make the Internet a better place and in our specific case, to connect easier, quicker and more efficient real projects with IT Companies on one hand, and, real IT companies with clients, on the other.

We are and will continue to apply the best practices, methodologies and creativity to make TechBehemoths a reference point on this subject. The only stop on this journey.


All our previous projects had one goal - to make our and other people's life easier. The same applies to TechBehemoths. There are literally thousands of great companies providing outstanding IT services, from logo design to complex enterprise software, for banking, medicine, space or eCommerce. We want to make them more accessible to everyone, withing a few clicks.

So that anyone can find his best matching IT service provider without the hustle, effortless, by providing powerful filters, extremely user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality.

We know the market is crowded, but we also know that what we offer is needed, both for people looking for IT companies, and, for IT companies themselves. We enhance value through quality and this is paramount for our business. For this reason, we shoot high because there is a pain in the market that still needs to be fixed and TechBehemoths is doing that now.

We want our users to succeed in their fields, regardless of their location, size and budgets.


That's our most favourite part. With most of our team, we are working together since 2014, from the time of our very first startup. With this current team, we managed to go through all our projects, all the hardships and some of the most pleasant moments. We are a team of 12. Thanks to modern times and due to Covid-19, we relocated to the places we like and feel comfortable, such as Germany, Moldova, Spain and the Netherlands.

We try to avoid these Internet clichés and sweet phrases all over, but behind this project is definitely a great team, hard to find and difficult to impress.

Although we are IT guys and love our privacy, we still enjoy talking to our users and clients. This is why, as they say, “don't be shy, come and say “hi”, we are happy to talk with you.

If by any chance you are visiting Berlin and Germany, we are even happier to meet you in our office or, in a bar for a good German beer (OK, once the lockdown is lifted, you know... German rules)

Valeria Tcacenco

Customer Success Manager
An enthusiastic, creative and hard-working person. I love everything related to art. Painting is one of my ways of expressing my thoughts and emotions. But more recently, I also found myself in the art of writing – copywriting, which will help me to inform, inspire or persuade.

Gicu Cauș

Backend Team Lead
In love with computers and technology since the times I was a little kid. Working everyday on building the infrastructure for TechBehemoths, making sure it's reliable and secure. I am an outgoing team player, dedicated and open-minded. I value strong relationships and love sports & automotives.

Victor Chitorog

Head of UI/UX Design
I'm a designer and creator, specializing in interface design for digital products. My vision is to create something clever, unique, and most importantly - timeless. I do enjoy spending time watching and playing soccer. I've also recently found my passion for mountain biking and silent hiking in the mountains. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Cristina Mațco

Customer Success Manager
I am a creative person. I love to embrace new opportunities, connect with people, analyze, create and work for hours on end until I'm satisfied with my work. I pay attention to details because I believe that details make the difference.

Mircea Sirbu

Working closely with the design, management, and development teams to ensure our customers have the best possible experience. I believe my daily work helps our company grow and reach new customers, helping as many businesses as possible to benefit from the exposure TechBehemoths provides.

Dan Irașcu

Head of Marketing
Researching, analyzing, and writing insightful stuff is what I do for a long time now at Mobiteam. At TechBehemoths, I put all my experience and knowledge work for IT companies and businesses and help them reach each other.

Marcel Sobieski

Founder of TechBehemoths
I'm dedicated to delivering usable, beautiful and pain solving products to our users. With my team, we previously created 4 other startups and made 3 exits. TechBehemoths is the greatest one so far. Besides work, a die-hard fan of SS Lazio Roma and love discovering great underrated international food. Living in Berlin, Germany. My life motto - against the wind!

Iuliana Craci

Product Analyst
I am curious about how one can use data to shape and continuously improve the product. I am always surprised how often data proves that our gut feelings about how customers perceive a feature or a product are wrong and I can't imagine any better decision maker in the company.
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