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Last updated in: April, 2024
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The Tech Industry In Chicago: Comperhensive Analysis


While Chicago, nicknamed the “Windy City” is primarily known for its delicious food, unique architecture and a vibrant music scene, it’s also an important and expanding tech hub (with a growth of about 20% over the past 10 years), hosting thousands of IT companies.

It was already an established hub with a significant number of companies operating in finance, healthcare, logistics and other industries, all requiring robust IT solutions, as technology is inevitably making its way in all of these industries.

Chicago has a thriving startup ecosystem (currently ranked 6th in the US according to Global Startup Ecosystem Index) and has a large talent pool, due to multiple universities located in the city (it’s one of the top cities by the number of graduates with a computer science degree).

According to the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, the fiscal impact generated by the city’s tech industry was more than $651M.

The same source states that Chicago is the national leader when it comes to diversity and inclusion in tech: 34% of startups were founded by women (2 times more than the global average) and 32% of Black and Latino professionals working in IT.

There are lots of well known tech companies that have a significant presence or a headquarter in Chicago. Some of them are:

  • Motorola

  • Grubhub

  • Groupon

  • Braintree

  • ActiveCampaign

  • Cameo


Chicago is set to become one of the top tech locations in the US, due to several reasons:

  • Thriving startup ecosystem

  • Multinational companies expanding their presence in the city

  • State government supporting the IT industry

  • Venture capital funding

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