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Argentina's IT and software industry is rising up and expected to transform the country in the near future into one of the most developed countries in Latin America. The estimated value of Argentina’s IT  industry is $7,33 billion, which is a good score for a country that’s coming out of a recession

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The ICT Industry in Argentina: General Profile

Argentina IT and software industry is rising up and expected to transform the country in the near future into one of the most developed countries in Latin America

The estimated value of Argentina’s IT  industry is $7,33 billion, which is a good score for a country that’s coming out from a recession. The numbers are expected to grow exponentially, as Latin America is transforming into a large-scale IT hub that can compete globally with  Europe and the US. 

The main reason for IT growth in Argentina is the increasing numbers of startups conditioned by government policies that support tech and IT education among young professionals. Also, the government facilitates the collaboration between companies and the web industry via different chambers and CESSI (Camara de la Industria Argentina del Software)

On the background of global tech evolution, Argentina looks like a promising choice to source web developing services due to both quality and affordable prices on the market compared with other countries. 

Why working with Argentinian Software Companies?

Above all, there are several  main aspects why it’s worth working with an Argentinian web agency:

First of all, you can notice a low price per project or per hour compared with other western agencies, which provide good quality web products such as websites, apps, designs, and anything in between. 

Second of all, communication. It’s much easier to make yourself clear with Argentinian web agencies rather than with other agencies in the region. According to EF Education First, Argentina has the highest score in terms of English proficiency in Latin America. 

Having these two points combined, you must agree that Argentina is a good option to find a company that can deliver projects for affordable prices and with good communication. 

But there is more to it: According to Coursera Global Skills Index, Argentina ranks 1st in the category of Technology skills, making it even a more attractive opportunity. 

What to be aware of when working with Argentinian Software Companies?

On the other hand, there are also challenges on working with Argentinian software companies that you should know: 

Comparing with other countries, Argentina does not have a well-established system of web agencies, and changes in this area are pretty new to the country, which says a lot about Argentinian web development & design experience. 

Also, this lack of experience may lead to miscalculations and a lack of interaction between IT & marketing departments of various countries. In this way, even a well-established project can fail during implementation because of the issues above mentioned.  Nonetheless, this may vary from company to company and it’s not a country verdict. 

Are Argentinian Software companies as reliable as other top countries in the world?

In terms of tech reliability, Argentinians are among the most preferred in Latin America. Based on numerous feedbacks from different clients around the world - Argentinians have a high trust score and also a good reputation. 

On the other hand, if it is to compare with other countries, Argentina lacks several key features that would improve the quality of IT services. Based on the latest report of the World Economic Forum, Argentina dropped down to the 139th position in terms of Intellectual Property Protection.

How do Argentina Custom Software Companies compare to its neighbor countries?

Compared to neighboring countries, Argentina has a strong position and as well growing IT infrastructure. However, it doesn’t lack competition as Chile and Bolivia also grow their IT capacities and come right behind Argentina. 

The latest numbers reveal a range of $25-50/hour service cost at the level of senior developers, depending on agency experience, portfolio, and brand. 

On the other side of the table, Argentina’s average salary in the web industry is around $1000, but according to the latest trends, it will grow as well as the industry capacity and capability itself. 

Another interesting fact about Argentina is that an increasing number of web agencies from the US open here offices or even relocate due to the friendly IT environment

From web design to app development and marketing, Argentina is the home of IT professionals in Latam that seek a brighter future and beautiful views that inspire them to create outstanding works. 
According to Netcraft, there are more than 644 million websites on the web, and many of them look similar. However, Argentinian web designers have their unique style of executing projects and providing a different approach compared to what’s already existing on the market.

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