Using the Valet on TechBehemoths

by Dan Irascu

Using the Valet on TechBehemoths

The TechBehemoths Valet is a step-by-step company match assistant that is easy to use and generates manually-verified results based on the requirements of every inquirer. 

Who is Valet service for?

The valet is designed for inquirers interested in working with companies listed on TechBehemoths. It is mainly designed for guidance in selecting the right companies if the inquirer feels insecure about his/her personal choices. It also saves time and effort, as the results are manually checked and sent by the TechBehemoths competent professionals. 

How to get started?

There are two ways to get started with the TechBehemoths valet: 

  • Via direct link:

  • By finding the valet section on the home page. Even though the valet is displayed on a variety of banners, you can’t miss it

Once you access the valet, there are 5 simple steps you need to follow. They help us understand your needs and manually check the best companies for your needs.

Step 1 - Choose what services you need

The process starts with the service picker page, which lets you choose from 6 service sections that include  69 services. From web development to business services, here you can find all the services you need. 

Step 2 - Location. Budget. Timeline. Stage

During the second step, you will be asked to provide details about the project you plan. They refer to the location, budget, and timeline. 


There are two options when choosing the location: 

  • By selecting a specific location we will provide a list of matching companies only from the location you need. You can select multiple locations, not only one - this option will expand the pool of eligible companies for your project. 

  • By hitting I don’t care you give us a green light to pick from all the companies in our database. Sometimes this is a good option, for example when the number of companies providing the services you pick is insignificant. Other times, choosing this option can lead to a considerable number of matching companies for your project. We recommend you focus on your needs first. 


This section is about when the project is planned to start. Keep in mind that companies may charge more if the project is urgent, as they have to assign resources from other tasks to your project.  On the other hand, if the project is planned to start in 3 months or so, you both have plenty of time to negotiate and talk through all the points.


 By sharing with us details about your project’s budget, we will be able to deliver a better-matching company pool for your project. On the other hand, if you are not sure about the budget, you can let companies make the offer, and you will be the one who picks the best price-quality ratio. 


Are you trying to find a company for an existing project or a new one? At what stage is it? By choosing one of the four options we will be able to deliver better-matching companies. 

Step 3 - Focuses & Technologies

Focuses and technologies section is meant to define more precisely what you need from a company. For example, business services is a broader term, and there are a lot of companies providing them. However, if you need due diligence services, there are specialized companies, with a proven track record that we know. We will share the list with you.  The same thing applies to technologies. 

Step 4 - Project Description

The fourth step is about explaining in plain English what the project is about. Keep in mind that the more details you share, the higher the chances to get the right pool of companies. 

Also, it’s important to provide essential information about your business as well:

  • Current website address (if any)

  • Project Purpose

  • Target audience

  • Competitors (if applicable)

  • Other relevant information

Also, don’t forget to attach files if it’s the case. 

Step 5  - Your Contact Details

Finally, let us know who you are and how we can get back to you with the results. Fill in all the fields, and double-check all the information. In this way, we’ll be sure that the information reaches only you. 


Valet FAQ

  1. How long will it take until I get the results?

It depends on the requirements. But it will take no longer than 2 business days for us to deliver the pool of companies we recommend you to get in touch with. 

  1. How much does it cost to use the valet?

Using the valet is free of charge. 

  1. What should I do after getting the valet results?

Getting the valet results is halfway to getting the right company to work with. We recommend you start contacting the pool of companies and select the one that fits your needs. 

  1. What if I don’t like the results from the valet?

You may consider the results incomplete. Don’t worry, you can try one of these options to fix the issue: 

  1. Can I submit one valet ticket for multiple projects?

Unless the projects are tightly connected, or similar - no. We encourage you to submit 1 project/ticket, as every project has individual requirements, and we recommend the most suitable companies for each. 

Dan Irascu

Head of Marketing

Researching, analyzing, and writing insightful stuff is what I do for a long time now at Mobiteam. At TechBehemoths, I put all my experience and knowledge work for IT companies and businesses and help them reach each other.