The fundamentally New Filters on TechBehemoths. Check them out!

by Marcel Sobieski

The fundamentally New Filters on TechBehemoths. Check them out!

Hello everyone,

We’ve heard a lot of feedback from our users and clients about wanting more control over the companies they want to see in their search results. And so we’ve made a few updates to our filters.

The New Search Filter

This is the biggest update since our launch. It is a fundamental change in its use, completely redesigned and with a thorough logic behind it. 

Now your potential clients will be able to filter based on several tens of criteria, to narrow their search results from 42,600 to a list of even 2-3 companies, that are really matching their needs.

The new filter is very advanced and yet easy to use. It’s been in the works and testing in stealth mode for months. The development team did a massive amount of work behind the scenes.  

a. The completely new filter 

How does it impact a company?

  • the good: now your business has a lot more chances to appear in clients' searches and filters. Therefore more project inquiries and website visits. An increase in your business!

  • the bad: if your company profile does not have a strong enough score, no review, portfolio, good description, services, etc, you have very low chances to appear in search results. Therefore - a huge missed opportunity.

We’ve also added a new option: “save this search”. This option will let our visitors save their filter preferences and receive emails whenever a new company matches their criteria. If your profile is a good match, they will get a notification about this. Not to mention the filters by company size, location, team size, hourly cost, services, focus, industries, reviews, portfolios, awards and many other metrics.

Who is the filter for?

For clients and companies. They will benefit the most by finding the right IT service provider within a few clicks. The search results will display the strongest companies first. This is why - their decision to work with a company will be quick and trustworthy.

What to do now?

  • For companies - make sure your business profile is up-to-date! Every time something new comes up in your company. A new service, pricing, or team size in your business didn't mention in its profile, is what makes you miss leads that primarily use filters. Start now by taking a moment to revisit your profile description, and maintaining it fresh all the time.

  • For visitors searching for an IT Service provider - simply open and start using the filters by selecting the criteria that matter to you. The narrower your needs and criteria - the more accurate the end results. It could be easily a case where from all the 43,000 companies we list on the platform, you will get an end result of only 3 companies. And those companies are really the best match for your needs.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback! Feel free to contact us at any time with your thoughts and suggestions.

Good luck,


Marcel Sobieski


I’m dedicated to delivering useable, beautiful and pain-solving products to the world. My team and I previously created 4 other startups and made 3 exits. TechBehemoths is the greatest one so far.