Explaining Monthly Awards on TechBehemoths

by Dan Irascu

Explaining Monthly Awards on TechBehemoths

Every month TechBehemoths awards a limitednumber of companies across different countries for their performance on the platform. The awarded companies have a badge on their profile page that shows the month and the year of the award.

Beside that, the awarded companies are able to download or attach their badges to their websites, email signature, or integrate them in a blog post/article to showcase their achievement

How TechBehemoths Monthly Awards Work?

To be eligible for a monthly award, the overall profile strength must be at least strong or excellent. These criteria is set to highlight companies that are truly engaged with their audiences on TechBehemoths and are extensively using the platform for lead generation and marketing purposes. 

Companies that meet the entry criteria, and are interested in competing for the Monthly Awards on TechBehemoths, should send an email to [email protected]. The email title should include the company name, and <<Interested in Monthly Awards>>. 

From that moment, the process is divided in several stages: 

  1. The company identity and qualification eligibility is established and confirmed
  2. The company will receive a list of questions that highlight their achievement for the past month
  3. Once the answers are provided, a case study is built, and competes with other case studies coming from companies with similar performance
  4. Companies with the most impressive achievements are awarded as the company of the month in the country they reside. 

It is important to note the following aspects: 

  • Once the award has been granted to the winning companies, the case studies about their achievements are published on their website as a blog. 
  • Also, the winning companies agree to display the badge for their award on their website or email signature in one of the following forms: Badge in the website footer (or), in a dedicated page for awards, (or) inside an article or blog post (or), in their email signature(s). 

If at least one of these conditions is not met, the monthly award can be withdrawn with a prior notification that explains the reason and terms. 

Why TechBehemoths Monthly Awards are Important?

In addition to the yearly awards, the monthly awards come to highlight the exceptional performance of listed companies and agencies during 1 month. The term performance can be related to clients, projects, marketing, or visibility activities that have been conducted independently. 

Displaying the monthly awards received from TechBehemoths, helps companies stand out and get more exposure and leads compared to their competition. TechBehemoths monthly awards are 100% meritocracy-based, and cannot be obtained in any other ways. 

TechBehemoths Monthly Awards FAQs

Can I compete for the monthly awards even if my company is not listed?

No, only listed companies that meet the requirements are eligible to compete for the TechBehemoths Monthly Awards

When are monthly awards are granted?

TechBehemoths monthly awards are given in the first 10 days of each month throughout the year. The awards always reflect a company's performance for a previous month

When I should send my monthly awards inquiry?

If your company had outstanding performance in the previous month, the inquiry should be submitted this month. 

What is the "case study" that is mentioned in this article?

The case study is an article that explains, supports, and validates the monthly award a company competes for. The case study is built by TechBehemoths, and relies on the information provided by the competing company. 


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