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What to write

There is a lot of content on the web that deserves attention and even reputable sources should refer to it. Blog posts on TechBehemoths always score the best, because they are insightful, clear, and on topic. People, search engines, professionals, and business owners love our content exactly for those reasons, and we encourage you to write similar articles to what you can already find in our Market Research Category.

However, blog posts that are the subject of the following models will be given priority:




All content must be related to tech and IT.

To get content contributions faster on the website we strongly recommend:

No copy/paste content - the content should be unique and original 800-1500 words English proficiency Links to relevant sources Write smooth and on-the topic intro and outro content Share at least one of your social media profile pages Use H2-H6 to define headings Submit only on your behalf and use your real name and use a real photo.

* Links to websites with questionable content and reputation will be removed.

The following types of content are prohibited on TechBehemoths

Generic writing Promotional Content Unformatted content (No paragraphs/No headings) Significant grammar issues Links to irrelevant content/sources No visual content

If your blog post will be published, you get:

  • — International recognition from more than 30,000 people monthly and growing
  • — Additional exposure for you as a copywriting tech professional, and author
  • — One link to your personal page/blog/website
  • — Priority to our contests and competitions
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