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Niger is actively trying to establish itself as a key ICT hub in the East African region. The country appears to be making good progress in this regard, helped by having a strong connectivity infrastructure and a young, innovative population

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The ICT in Niger: Overview and Companies Data

The tech sector in Niger was worth  $2.23 billion in 2017, constituting a 24.2% growth from 2017. The tech industry has the highest share of this at around $3.2 billion. But there are other important segments such as broadcasting or BPO.

Niger has a comfortable location, and a young and innovative population which allows the country to be a potentially attractive destination for multinational companies. Even though there are no tech behemoths that have offices in Niamey or somewhere else in the country, Niger is targeted by several Chinese corporations that already invested in human resources and tech.

Why you should work with Niger IT companies

Digital service providers in the  BPO markets are largely involved in the provision, rather than the development, of services, whilst Niger companies are dominant in the fintech and eCommerce markets. Niger has low capabilities to produce their own technology and is focused on importing telecommunication equipment to provide the requested services on the local and regional market. Yet an important role in the digital services Niger-based companies provide is mobile services. Agencies located in Niger are reputable in high-quality mobile-friendly and mobile compatible apps and software which are in high demand on the local on regional markets.

What to pay attention to when working with Niger IT companies and web agencies

While being good at mobile digital services, Niger IT companies also provide software development, AI services, and web design. Reputation in these fields is questionable due to the low expertise and language barriers that professionals face when encountering international clients. However, this was a challenge for other neighboring countries, that managed to overcome the situation by investments in education, training, and e-learning programs - a thing that should encourage the already existing Niger-based IT companies and stimulate the business development processes. 

How reliable are Niger-based IT companies?

Since it's not one of Africa's largest tech hubs, Niger companies are yet to be discovered by local and international customers and clients. On the local level, the government should merge efforts with businesses to speed up the digitalization process, and invest in local business development that would provide highly paid working places for the young generation in the country. Only after the tech industry is ready to face projects on the local level, Niger IT companies could attract more foreign investors and companies and develop even further tech capabilities. 

How does the Niger IT industry relate to the neighboring countries?

The main competitor but also stimulant for Niger's tech industry is French-supported Algeria which plays a significant role in the region and could boost Niger. Chad and Mali have other priorities and challenges to face, and are less preoccupied with tech and IT, at least now in 2022. As a rough comparison with Europe where development comes from the west, in the case of Niger, not only development, but hope is coming from the north.


IT Industry in Niger - 2022 forecast

Niger is rather absent from the global IT scene until now, and while it faces challenges like drought, wide-spread poverty and hunger, internet penetration and digital connectivity between people is one of the most important but still unexplored solutions by now. In 2022, Niger will probably focus on solving critical issues that were mentioned above, rather than investing in ICT development, internet penetration and digitalization.