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IT technology is the fastest-growing sector of the republic’s economy, Hardware is the largest segment, with 55% percent, the ICT market in Montenegro is the second-largest segment with 30% and software represents 15% of the ICT market.

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Android Services cover a wide range of options to create, improve, and sustain Android applications that meet different business requirements. These services cover the entire application lifecycle, from conceptualization to deployment, and include an array of features to ensure optimal functionality, user experience, and business growth.

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The IT Industry in Montenegro: Companies, Insights & Data

IT technology is the fastest-growing sector of the republic’s economy, Hardware is the largest segment, with 55% percent, the ICT market in Montenegro is the second-largest segment with 30% and software represents 15% of the ICT market.

Some of the advantages of Montenegro are the skilled and low-cost workers with high English skills and ICT related education, good infrastructure, and low taxes for corporations. The sector has constant growth and it supplies other countries with well-educated IT professionals. 

Also, Montenegro’s outsourcing industry contributed 2.1% to the country’s GDP and employed 5713 people in the year 2018, the expectations for the year 2022 are to exceed 15.000 jobs related to this sector, and Information technology sourcing (ITO) will continue to offer the majority of the employment in the industry, the official sources say that this was 53% of the total employees in 2018.

Why somebody should work with Montenegro Companies.

There are many reasons to work with Montenegro companies, from the highly qualified professionals, the low salaries with software engineers median salary being 500-600€ a month with 1 to 2 years of experience, the low taxes for companies, to the constant growth of the industry and being near the European Union.

These are some of the advantages of working with Montenegron’s companies, the low cost while still being a country near the EU, also the transit is easy with Montenegro because of the advantage of having a Schengen Visa and no need to have a national entry visa that makes business easier.

There’s a good cost-safety relation with outsourcing IT projects to this country, that’s why there are companies in over 37 countries including Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, or the Scandinavian countries. There are also a good number of international companies such as Switzerland, Sweden, France, the UK, or Malta that are developing IT products in Montenegro for other markets and providing cheaper costs to multinational IT companies. 

What somebody should be aware of when working with IT companies from Montenegro.

The first thing you have to be aware of is that Montenegro is not in the European Union, so there may be different rules and laws and of course, you are not under the protection of some EU Agreements or laws, this also applies to some international agreements. It is important to say that Montenegro is a place generally speaking safe, but there are a few things to take in account when working with IT companies if you plan to have a meeting, there’s a high risk of natural disasters, unfortunately, the country has some geographical features that make earthquakes, floods, torrents, droughts something normal. In addition to this, some terrorist attacks had happened since the year 2000 (8). Organized criminal groups are active, particularly in the northern areas at the border with Kosovo, but shooting incidents can also happen in Skopje which is the capital of the country. Also gunfire can be heard as part of a celebration.

In other aspects, fake companies scams can occur but they are not too common, the safety is compromised in some parts of the region, but while working with this industry as outsourcing services, there are no more risks than in other countries of the region. It is important to find companies with proven experience, there are a lot of big companies that work as usual from other countries of the region without any noticeable incidents, be sure that the company follows international best practices and everything is according to the law.

How reliable are IT companies from Montenegro?

With the fast growth of the IT industry in the country, scams grow too, but generally speaking Montenegron companies are certainly reliable. There are also some laws that can help with this, some of the industry-specific laws are the following:

-Agreement between Montenegro and EU for the “Horizon 2020” program.

-Law of Copyrights.

-Methodology for Assessing the Value of Information technology.

The ICT industry is really an important piece of the general economic situation of the country, even if it’s not its main driver. Also, Montenegro is ranked #17 on Mobile SpeedTest Global Index. And for desktop, mobile, and tablet median speed was 3.68Mbps download and 3.11Mbps upload speed.

How does the IT industry from Montenegro relate to the neighboring regions/countries?

In relation to this, we will analyze the IT industry in Montenegro, Kosovo, and other countries.

Montenegro, has a very young working population, with 69% of the employees being between 25 to 29 years old, their major market to export is Italy with 24% of IT services. Also, this country has the lowest corporate tax rate for those companies whose activity is software development, and the country has a very strong entrepreneurial potential while the government continues to boost laws and strategies to help with this.

The ICT sector in Kosovo has a positive trade balance, where 78% of the companies export services, being 27% to Switzerland and 23% to Germany. Also, the government works with laws and opportunities to offer strong learning in IT and English skills.

Bulgaria is a very attractive country for IT and business production outsources, information given by Clutch on research from 2018, says that Bulgaria ranked as 5th top outsourcing destinies and the first one when talking in Europe. We can also see its good development as in 2014 it was ranked 9th by A.T Kearny research.

After bad performances from 2014 to 2016, Greece has stabilized the IT sector and from 2017 started to show slow but steady growth. In the software sector, 64% of the market is application software and 36% infrastructure software. Their internet connection is up to standards having a solid 4G network and with most of the agencies operating with 100/1.000 Mbps.

We also need to have a look at Romania’s industry to finish this section, this country has particularly well-qualified management and technical workers, the current trends in outsourcing in Eastern Europe has allowed Romanian IT service providers to establish themselves in a high position when comparing with other European competitors. This country is the 6th in the world, regarding IT certified specialists per capita, ahead of Germany, UK, and Canada, because of their multilingual and technical skills.


Montenegro is a good country in terms of IT industry development, you can find qualified professionals and companies with cheap prices for outsourcing services, the law, and the taxes are also favorable, and there’s a lot of companies from other countries that develop their companies and services in this country. It’s needed to be aware of some aspects that we already discussed in the relevant section, as it’s generally a safe country, there are some things you have to be aware of such as the possibility of natural disasters, scams, or terrorist attacks, if you are trying to outsource your products or services to this country, the majority of this aspects will not affect you as you don’t have to be there, but be aware of the scams and always choose companies and professionals with proven experience to work with, and then you’ll be able to get all the benefits of outsourcing your services to this country and also helping them to boost their ICT industry.


How Montenegro ICT Will Perform in 2022?

The Covid-19 Pandemic forced Montenegro like many other countries to focus on developing the ICT sector and push the digital capabilities to adapt to countries' needs in the given period. In 2021, one of the government pillars was digitalization - which means that Montenegro is starting to take ICT seriously, but according to Zdravko Krivokapic, Montenegro Prime Minister, the country is still far from reaching its full ICT capabilities. 

In 2022, Montenegro will continue to invest and grow its ICT sector, encouraging local IT companies to improve their regional visibility and performance which will also help to alignment of EU digital standards

What is Android and what are its benefits for your projects?

Android Services cover a wide range of options to create, improve, and sustain Android applications that meet different business requirements. These services cover the entire application lifecycle, from conceptualization to deployment, and include an array of features to ensure optimal functionality, user experience, and business growth.

When it comes to creating and managing apps, Android Services provides a range of important offerings. These include consulting and brainstorming at the beginning, designing the user interface and user experience, developing the app, testing it, optimizing it, and providing ongoing maintenance.. Additionally, services related to integrating emerging technologies like AI, AR/VR, and IoT into Android applications are gaining prominence. Companies seeking Android Services can collaborate with experts specializing in different aspects of app development to ensure a holistic approach that meets their specific goals.

Companies providing Android Services utilize a suite of advanced tools and technologies to ensure efficient and high-quality app development. This often includes programming languages like Java and Kotlin, development frameworks like Android Studio, version control systems, testing tools, and deployment platforms. Furthermore, integrations with cloud services, analytics platforms, and continuous integration/delivery pipelines play a pivotal role in delivering robust and scalable Android applications.

When a company requires Android Services, it has multiple options to consider. It can allocate internal resources for development if it possesses the necessary expertise and capabilities. Alternatively, partnering with specialized IT companies or digital agencies can provide a range of advantages. These include access to diverse skill sets, domain expertise, streamlined development processes, and the ability to focus on core business operations while leaving the technical intricacies to the experts.

Engaging with specialized Android Service providers, whether IT companies or digital agencies, can yield substantial benefits for businesses. These professionals possess profound knowledge of Android app development trends, user behaviors, and best practices. Their expertise ensures efficient resource utilization, faster development cycles, optimal app performance, and adherence to industry standards. By entrusting Android Services to experienced providers, businesses can deliver high-quality apps that resonate with users and drive brand growth.

Choosing the right Android Service provider requires a methodical approach. First, assess the provider's portfolio and experience in delivering successful Android projects across diverse domains. Second, consider their expertise in relevant technologies and their ability to tailor solutions to your business objectives. Third, evaluate their communication and collaboration practices to ensure a smooth partnership. Lastly, inquire about their post-launch support and maintenance services to guarantee long-term app viability.

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