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Honduras is the home of over 7 million people and no access to oceans or seas. Not that this counts so much for the IT, but still it could attract at least visitors. By far, the country’s main industries do not include tech or IT, but, this doesn’t mean that the other industries are not using technology or software to ease the burden of processing goods

Discover Top IT Companies in Honduras specialized in Amazon and other related services. Find the best IT service providers for your projects.

Amazon services, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), are offered by companies that help other businesses with technology solutions. These services are designed to make things easier for companies by providing tools and support for various tasks.

According to Repricer Express, more than 45% of the US e-commerce market is served by Amazon, and almost ⅓ of Americans have a Prime subscription.

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We found 2 companies. Last updated in: November, 2023

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The ICT in Honduras: Overview and Companies Data

Honduras has almost 8 million people and is one of Latin America's largest producers of bananas and coffee. A deducting conclusion is that the country doesn't focus too much on tech and IT. But the agricultural sector, along with manufacturing and government support empowers tech and supports digitalization and cross-sector digital cooperation which will enhance the country's economic capabilities. 

A good example of economic digitalization in Honduras is agro eCommerce: there are more than a 3.6million customers in Honduras that are able and willing to acquire agro-products online. In addition, there are more than 24 tech and IT companies. most of them are small but they still cover 27 digital services. This gives hope to a new emerging tech industry in Latin America. 

Why Working with Honduras IT companies

Honduras tech companies are at the beginning of their development process now in 2021, which means that all professionals hired in any tech company are promising skilled workers that have good knowledge of modern technologies and are able to provide high-quality services at lower costs. The native Spanish language provides additional opportunities on the local and regional market excluding any language barriers on that level. According to the EEF proficiency index, Honduras is at the edge of low to moderate English proficiency, ranking 59 with a score of 498 points. Improving the score and IT infrastructure will open new doors for Honduras tech companies, which will allow them to provide their services for the extended western regions of Europe and the US.  

Honduras also has a diversified startup system that empowers new companies, including tech to create and innovate business on the local market. Since 2016, more than 200 startups have received funding, which is a small but confident start in Latin America. But Honduras can do more than this, and the government focuses on tech education, tech-based industry development, and co-working spaces that will boost up the industry. 

What you should be aware of when working with Honduras IT companies

Corruption and violence are the main problems the country faces in the middle of a digitalization process that takes too long. Even if these are social issues and apparently will have a low impact on tech, it has devastating consequences over foreign investments and international companies that consider Honduras a high-risk country. On the background of a poor El-Salvador, and challenging business environments from Guatemala and Nicaragua, Honduras is still probably the best option international tech companies have in the region. 

How reliable are Honduras IT companies

In terms of reliability, Honduras doesn’t rank in any way. It may vary from company to company and project to project since there is no standard for the country’s profile. We suggest studying each company individually and check the reviews for detailed information about this one. 

How does the Honduras IT industry relate to the neighboring countries?

The neighboring countries are still facing major social and economical problems that challenge the diversification of IT and tech industries. Guatemala is already one of the riskiest countries in Central America, El-Salvador is one of the poorest and the high immigrant providers for the US, while Nicaragua is unstable politically and economically. This means that the entire region can impact Honduras’s IT infrastructure and local companies’ overall performance. The regional IT infrastructure is not in the best shape and also not ready yet for the 2021 challenges and market demands - which will delay the digital services delivering processes in Central in Latin America for a while. 

Honduras Tech Industry in 2022 - forecast

In 2022 Honduras will start by facing first of all its political issues that are marked by the first female president-elect, and harsh economical issues enhanced by the pandemic. With ICT out of the top priority list, Honduras has fewer chances to explore global tech opportunities shared by leading countries.

What is Amazon and what are its benefits for your projects?

Amazon services, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), are offered by companies that help other businesses with technology solutions. These services are designed to make things easier for companies by providing tools and support for various tasks.

According to Repricer Express, more than 45% of the US e-commerce market is served by Amazon, and almost ⅓ of Americans have a Prime subscription. 

Companies providing Amazon services are like helpful guides. They have experts who know how to use Amazon's tools to solve problems and improve businesses. If a company needs to build a website or an app, these service providers can use Amazon tools to make it happen smoothly.

What's special about Amazon services is that they are backed by a big and trusted company like Amazon. This means they have strong technology that can handle a lot of work. They can help businesses with things like storing data securely, running websites without any downtime, and analyzing data to make smart decisions

Amazon services are different because they are designed to be really flexible. They can work for small businesses and big ones too. They have a wide range of tools that can fit different needs. Plus, they are known for their reliability, meaning they usually work well without causing trouble.

Amazon service providers use a bunch of tools and technologies to help businesses. They might use things like AWS for cloud storage, databases, and more. They can also use tools for security to keep information safe. These providers often specialize in different areas, like helping businesses run smoothly online, analyzing data to find insights, or making sure everything is secure from cyber threats.

So, in simple words, companies providing Amazon services are helpful experts that use Amazon's tools to make businesses run better. They're different because they're reliable, flexible, and backed by Amazon's technology. They use various tools to solve different problems and make businesses successful.

On this page, you can find more than 4857 Amazon service providers across 48+ countries and territories. Considering the above-mentioned information, we can say that Amazon service providers can be found beyond the countries that the company covers. This means that some of the companies are providing Amazon outsourcing services, while others are located and serve the local markets, where Amazon is currently present and covering operations. 

At the same time, Amazon service providers are not necessarily related to the Amazon company itself, but are rather specialized in different fields and topics that the tech giant covers. That’s why you should choose carefully a vendor. You may want to take into account the following criteria before making your decision: 

  • Reviews

  • Company expertise

  • Years of experience

  • Portfolio

Contacting multiple service providers is also an option, to get the best quality/price ratio for your project.