The Venezuelan IT Industry: Insightful Data & Statistics

by Dan Irascu

The Venezuelan IT Industry: Insightful Data & Statistics

Venezuela is probably not the best example of a well-developed IT hub with lots of web agencies and IT firms, but it was not always like that. Since 2019 the country started to confront the political crisis which automatically transformed into an economic, social, and migration crisis. The political transformations were not accepted by local society nor by the western international community, the oil price went low down to historical records, and the local currency - Venezuelan Bolivar, also depreciated drastically compared to the USD. 

And if 2019 wasn’t enough, in 2020 the pandemic hit the country and caused heavy casualties to the country that struggles to rebuild its economy and society. 

Why you should work with IT companies from Venezuela

But before all this happened, Venezuela was one of the most competitive countries in IT in the region, leading even several positions on the regional market. Skilled professionals made the country a great BPO destination for foreign companies and Data Mining was at its highest in Latin America. 

Right now, Venezuelan IT companies are struggling to attract new customers from the region, and support the national economy by providing a decent level of living standards to its workers. Even compared to other countries, the average hourly rate of a web project is lower: ~5,26 USD. And the yearly average wage inside the industry is $11,113 according to PayScale data.

At the same time, the quality and performance of web agencies from Venezuela remains average, and this is just one more reason why to choose Venezuelan-based agencies for outsourcing, or even for a business of your own.

What to pay attention to when working with Venezuelan agencies

The political transformation and institutional changes in Venezuela, made the country unstable and presents certain risks for potential investors and clients, but as well to IT companies that still selected the country as their operational center. High taxes, nationalization of private property, international restrictions, and low economic growth are only a few of the challenges the IT sector in Venezuela faces. All these lead to poverty conditions and make companies rethink their strategy or even to move out of the country. 

However, Venezuelan IT companies are unattractive just because the country is changing not in the best way. And also the skilled workers’ shortage, that got even worse - more than 1.3 million people fled the country in 2019-2020. 

How reliable are Venezuelan IT companies

Regarding the trust level of Venezuelan IT companies - it’s lower than ever, but still, they manage to survive mainly due to the few remaining BPO centers in the country. Other companies based in the neighborhood are a way better alternative due to economic stability and well-developed IT industry. 

All in all,  right now Venezuela faces an unprecedented crisis, but it still has the chance to emerge as one of the region’s leaders in information technology.  Like we’ve seen in other cases, the IT market is unpredictable and can power up an entire country’s economy and transforming it into a digital leader out of nowhere. But it all depends on the moves the government will take further. 

Dan Irascu

Head of Marketing

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