How can you help Ukraine through Tech?

by Marcel Sobieski

How can you help Ukraine through Tech?

We don't do politics and will not tolerate any forms of it on the platform. But we are very empathetic to what is happening these days in Ukraine. Its nation shows incredible resilience. But that is not enough to outstand.

As a member and visitor of the TechBehemoths community, here is what you can do to support Ukraine, by strengthening its digital solutions, cyber security and recovery.

  • If you are a company providing services in resource distribution, safe & brand messagingdata-driven solutionscybersecurity, or outstaffing, get in touch with related Ukrainian companies and offer your help as an extension to their activity.
  • If you are looking for an IT service provider, at least for these few days, prioritize Ukrainian companies to get in touch and hire. Here are 1100+ companies you can contact.
  • Volunteers speaking fluently Czech, Romanian, Slovakian, Hungarian to support TTTR in finding local initiatives and coordination.
  • Search for other good initiatives throughout the internet and your trusted media resources

Again, no politics, just human help to overcome this terrible and dangerous situation. 


Marcel Sobieski


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