The Swedish ICT Industry: General Data & Background

by Dan Irascu

The Swedish ICT Industry: General Data & Background

While the European IT market has its own business, rules, and environment, the North-European countries seem to set a competition within the region that’s different from what we see regularly. In this system, Sweden plays probably the biggest role. Out of all Nordic countries - Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the last one has a 41% market share in the regional IT sector, due to the considerable number of companies that invest in IT. 

And going digital was no mistake for Sweden, as companies like IKEA, Skype, Spotify, Utorrent, Ericsson, and several others are global brands and titans of the old web. 

Why you should work with Swedish companies

But the old web is not the same, and the times have changed in the favor of most flexible and fast-adapting IT companies. In 2020, people are still chatting via Skype, listen to music in Spotify, and make use of Peer To Peer systems like Utorrent is. 

However, Sweden’s IT market is far beyond these companies, and right now 12,000+ IT companies and web agencies from Sweden are performing high-quality digital services for both internal market and foreign companies that seek a digital transformation of their business. 

In other words, Swedish companies can offer the entire spectrum of IT services for good quality and excellent project management. The main task remains to find one that fits your business best. 

What you should be aware of when working with Swedish IT companies

The sector of services, and especially the IT branch has become more expensive all over the world. Sweden is not an exception, but considering that the prices in Sweden are already higher compared to the rest of the European countries, possible you may face financial difficulties to cover the comfort of services Swedish IT companies and web agencies provide. 

But on the other hand, you may save time working with Swedish companies, since they are known for its time-efficient services. 

How reliable are Swedish IT companies

In the North-European countries, on-time delivery is a standard. This standard is also available for the IT industry and the service range it covers. Swedish companies are certainly among the most reliable in the world. But, what potential clients should be aware of in this case, is experience, service range, number of professionals, and focus area. 

To put it in another way, if a company has a focus on developing apps, it will do on a lower level other types of IT services. This is why we encourage studying and have a look at a company’s portfolio and do research about how many projects and what types of services the company provided lately. 

You can find detailed information about each company on their profile page here on Tech Behemoths, or, you can visit directly their website. 

How does the Swedish IT industry relate to the neighboring countries

Looking back at the top, we mentioned that 41% of the entire Nordic IT market is covered by Sweden. At least this is what Business Sweden website reveals. 

Compared to Norway and Denmark, Sweden spends twice as much in developing businesses on the web level.  In 2019 only, Sweden invested more than 20 bn Euros in this direction, while Denmark and Norway put 12 and respectively 8 bn Euros in the same field. 

Nonetheless, all Nordic countries benefit from a strong IT industry and a well-established infrastructure ready to support the IT sector in the development process and attract new clients on their sides.  But so far Sweden managed to reach the level of the most attractive IT hub in the region. 

All in all, in Sweden you can find almost everything you need for your web or application development, marketing, design, and anything in between. The real challenge still remains to choose the best partners based on criteria you consider the most important.  

Dan Irascu

Head of Marketing

Researching, analyzing, and writing insightful stuff is what I do for a long time now at Mobiteam. At TechBehemoths, I put all my experience and knowledge work for IT companies and businesses and help them reach each other.