The Norwegian ICT Industry: Tech Companies & Performance

by Dan Irascu

The Norwegian ICT Industry: Tech Companies & Performance

The crisis has bred opportunity for Norway over the past decade. After global economic and oil slumps threatened the Nordic country’s most traditional industries, a burgeoning digital startup ecosystem has developed, offering more than just a silver lining.

Although not a direct consequence of those crises, Norway’s tech startup scene was accelerated by them, especially the international oil crisis, which saw a sector on which the country had depended for so many years come under new and unfamiliar pressures.

However, far from causing Norway to fold under the pressure, the oil crisis served as a positive link between the country’s former industrial landscape and its current tech-driven agility

Why working with Norwegian IT companies

An influx of digital efficiency tools, big data optimization, and machine learning technologies took place, and from that oil-centered genesis, those same digital aids began to branch out into other areas of the Norwegian economy.

IT companies from Norway not only managed to retarget their main directions but also continue to support the national economy by developing tools that digitalize other industries inside the country. Not a surprise though, Norway has always been up to date with the latest technologies and digital trends, which allows local companies to provide efficient services for export to various clients from across the globe. 

What you should be aware of when working with Norwegian IT companies

The only thing that may stop you from contracting a Norwegian company to take care of your digital product or provide web and app services is the pricing. Like in all nordic countries, they differ, sometimes a lot from what you may find in the traditional western-European market. 

Even though not an EU member state, Norwegian IT companies, and web agencies have access to the free EU market, which allows them to compete with the rest of the countries in terms of IT services

How reliable are Norwegian IT companies

The nordic business environment is healthy and steady, ready to be a challenge to the US, UK, Germany, France, and the list can continue. Unlike other European countries, Norwegian IT companies sell their services at higher rates and make them acknowledge the importance of the entire business process and investments done by the clients. 

How does the Norwegian IT sector relate to the neighboring countries?

Having Sweden as the only land neighbor, and thus the only real competitor in the region, the Norwegian IT sector is well-set to change the game in the Nordic region. Tech companies from Norway compete in innovation, time-management, digital marketing, and e-business with the Swedish ones, making the entire industry progress even at faster rates. 

Norway is a potential leading tech hub in the northern-European region. And once the economic priorities select the tech industry as one of the most important, it should be a matter of time until the country reaches the Swedish rate, and probably overpasses it.

Dan Irascu

Head of Marketing

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