The IT Industry in Taiwan: Software Agencies and Companies Information

by Dan Irascu

The IT Industry in Taiwan: Software Agencies and Companies Information

Despite its relatively small population of 23.5 million citizens, Taiwan continues to strengthen its position as a technological powerhouse. Since the 1980s, Taiwan has taken a proactive approach to the development of emerging technologies. And while this history of manufacturing prowess still accurately defines the island, an economic revolution is underway.

According to a World Economic Forum report Taiwan is in the midst of an innovation-driven economy. These findings are unsurprising given its position as a future-thinking hub of technology and engineering.

Hints of this high-tech excellence are prevalent throughout the Taiwanese economy. In 2017, Taiwan ranked third out of 159 nations for broadband download speeds. Further reflecting its robust manufacturing industry, the country produces 70 percent of the world's integrated circuits and 90 percent of laptops sold around the globe. 

Why you should work with a Taiwanese IT company?

Companies like Microsoft continue to invest heavily in Taiwan’s IoT industry. Taiwan’s ample supply of engineering talents and reasonable wages makes it a desirable tech hub. In response to this growth, the government’s Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA) endeavors to raise Taiwan's global market share in IoT from 3.8 percent in 2015, to 4.2 percent by 2020, and 5 percent by 2025.

In addition to that, local companies continue to provide digital services such as software development, digital design, and cybersecurity among others, especially for foreign companies. Why do international customers choose to work with Taiwanese IT companies?! It’s simple - in the region is really tough to find better options as price/quality offers. 

What to be aware of when working with Taiwanese IT companies

Taking into consideration that the local IT industry performs above the region average, Taiwan is a place where IT companies are extremely competitive, and their density is high. Probably higher than you might get used to in the US or Europe. For this reason, a very important and required action for customers is to pay attention to companies’ specifications - which may be the decisive factor for the result of the project. 

How does the Taiwanese IT industry relate to the neighboring countries?

According to the Organization for Economic Development, Taiwan has a 98.5 percent literacy rate and the fourth highest standardized math test scores in the world. Further, over 25 percent of all university degrees are in engineering. As a result, many continue to see Taiwan as a desirable hub for further investment.

Compared to the neighboring countries, the digits are close when it comes to literacy, however, in terms of the number of engineers, Taiwan surpasses all its neighbors and has one of the highest chances to become the regional leader tech hub, at least in some branches of IT.

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