The IT Industry in Hong Kong: Companies, Insights & Data

by Dan Irascu

The IT Industry in Hong Kong: Companies, Insights & Data

Hong Kong is one of the Asian Tigers that had known a long history of dominance from foreign entities and almost no experience as an independent Polis. The fluctuant relations between the US, UK, and China made Hong Kong a dependent but powerful economy with an extremely developed IT and Tech Industry and digital life. 

Hundreds of companies from the existing ones placed their headquarters in Hong Kong in the hope of a financial boom, that actually happened but also is falling apart. 

Nonetheless, the IT industry is considered one of the most developed in Asia, and digital products created and developed in Hong Kong are considered of top quality. 

Why you should work with IT companies based in Hong Kong. 

The country hosts some of the biggest IT companies in the world, and all startups incubators and accelerators born in Hong Kong have grown high enough to be sold for millions of dollars. 

As a potential partner of a Hong Kong-based IT company, you may find the cooperation fruitful and efficient. There are little or no language and cultural barriers since most of the market consumers are from the US. The business style, models, preferences, and processes are also imported from the US business culture, and it is very little that can make you feel the difference between those two. 

What you should pay attention to when working with Hong-Kong IT companies

Software and web agencies from Hong Kong indeed implemented the US business model. Including pricing. This means that working with an IT company from Hong Kong means you ask for premium services to get a brand digital product that tells a lot from the first view on the label. 

The local government tries to stimulate IT companies to attract new and more customers to the market, and it succeeds - which confirms once again the strong economic position of the country and its strong connections with the West. 

How does the Hong Kong IT sector relate to the neighboring countries?

If you were to choose from Hong Kong, China, Korea, or Japan as your destination for a digital business project, then probably Hong Kong is an alternative to Chinese companies, while Korea and Japan are alternatives to each other in some specific fields. 

The westernized market and British-educated professionals make the country one of the best options for starting a project with a local IT company. If in the rest of the cases, there may be some cultural differences and barriers, Hong Kong’s IT industry has progressed to eradicate these barriers and feel more comfortable for western companies.

Dan Irascu

Head of Marketing

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