The IT Industry in Bolivia: General Portrait

by Dan Irascu

The IT Industry in Bolivia: General Portrait

In the last decade, Bolivia has managed to improve its educational, social, and infrastructural systems despite the regional context - the LatAm has become one of the least stable regions for investors. Also, even with small steps, the Bolivian economy registers positive growth, 0.6% per year, which gives a ray of hope to already existing foreign investors in the country. 

All these factors, helped the local IT industry to overcome challenges and difficulties that the entire region confronts, and thus, placing Bolivia as the top digital services provider in the region. 

According to PayScale, the average salary in the IT system in Bolivia reaches 2.2K USD/year, even if the country, like many others in the region transformed into a BPO center for North American companies, especially from the US and Canada. 

Investors have access to cheap skilled professionals, cheap real-estate, and also to fiscal facilities established by the government to stimulate the IT industry’s growth. 

Why you should work with Bolivian IT companies

Human resources - plenty, educational level - relatively high compared to the region, IT infrastructure - decent, but could be better. These are the key factors that attract both companies and clients to the Bolivia tech market. 

Yes, probably it’s not the brightest choice, but for North American companies and investors, Bolivia can be considered a gold mine. 

For a long time, Bolivia has been a BPO center, locals also started to develop their own businesses in the IT sector, benefiting from not already skilled, but now even experienced workforce that is able to handle almost all types of digital projects. Even if we are not talking about a startup boom, the already existing IT companies from Bolivia can compete with North-American companies at certain levels and services. 

What you should pay attention to when working with IT companies based in Bolivia

One thing that Bolivia misses is the business culture, and along with it - low project management and communication skills that are vital to attracting clients. This is rather a challenge than a missed opportunity, but by the time this challenge will be overpassed, Bolivia companies will lose their competitiveness.

Are Boliviaian Companies reliable?

In terms of reliability, Bolivia has an important advantage. Professionals that worked for international companies in the BPO are now working for their own companies. The rich experience and connections gained previously, help Bolivia companies find clients and partners for their digital projects. 

How does the Bolivia tech industry relate to the neighboring countries?

With Colombia and Peru as neighbors, the Bolivian IT industry is in full development. But even so, it will take some time to get ahead of them.  According to the Global Innovation Index 2020, Bolivia is in the 99th position out of 130 countries, while Colombia is in the 68th position and Peru at 76. 

Nonetheless, in the digital era, overnight transformation is real and, if implemented correctly, the reforms in the IT industry can make Bolivia one of the most developed countries in LatAm.

Bolivia ICT sector in 2022

Bolivia's tech sector has the best opportunity to prove to the government and the whole country that it is stable and constantly growing in 2022. That's because the pandemic has hit hard Bolivia just like other Latin-American countries that are struggling to increase the vaccination rate and keep the mortality rate at its lowest. On the background of the tough challenges Bolivia faces, the ICT is one of the few industries that still can power up the country's economy in 2022 and be one of the economic pillars.

Dan Irascu

Head of Marketing

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