The ICT Sector In Kolkata: Tech Overview

by Dan Irascu

The ICT Sector In Kolkata: Tech Overview

Kolkata is the largest city in the West Bengal region in India and is considered the most competitive one in the IT sector with Bangladesh. The main reason - it’s physically closer than any other city. 

The region includes more than 900 IT companies with 145,000 employees, and 70% of them can be found in the city of Kolkata, which confirms again the strategic importance of the city in the country and region’s IT industry. 

Since early 2010’ Kolkata managed to grow fast and attract huge tech players such as IBM, TCS, PwC, British Telecom, and Ericsson, which in their turn invested and developed the IT infrastructure, hiring most of the youth workers that are nowadays enrolled in the system. 

The dominant services in the IT industry in Kolkata include software development, product development and consulting, big data analytics, and system integration but also digitalization of other services such as healthcare, architecture, and banking systems also enjoy a market demand. 

From hardware manufacturers, SME’s like Sonodyne, Videocon, Vikram Solar, Websol Energy, is among the top players in the tech industry as well. 

The region also has 15 IT parks, created to stimulate the development of the entire industry and boost the regional economy and competitiveness. And on top of everything, the Kalyani institute is the main core of future tech workers. 

However, Kolkata still remains one of the least paid cities in the IT industry, with a yearly average estimated at $3600-4500 USD. Yet, this is one of the reasons why big companies invest in this place, and also why IT products and services developed by Kolkata-based IT companies are cheaper than other tech hubs from India. 

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