The ICT Industry in Spain: Insights and Data

by Dan Irascu

The ICT Industry in Spain: Insights and Data

Spain is one of the most important ICT markets in Europe, in terms of volume. In 2019, the net worth of the entire sector was estimated at around $108 bn. which makes it an important national economy pillar. 

According to a report from ICEX, there are more than 34,000 ICT companies in Spain that engage 550k+ workers in this field. 

Additionally, the gross added value at market prices represents 5,3% of Spain’s GDP in 2018, with growth from 4,3% in 2017. Due to its geographical location and favorable IT climate, the industry evolves with big steps, and sometimes it appears that overwhelms the infrastructure. 

Why you should work with a Spanish company

Spain is great for all types of IT professionals and companies - from digital nomads and startups, up to big corporations, you can find them all in Spain. The best part is that social education adds great value to digital business culture and develops the environment and industry making a great opportunity both for businesses and professionals. 

Another reason why Spanish IT companies are a good option is hourly rate and reliability. According to payscale, the average hourly rate of a developer is around 22 Euros, which is below the European average. Also, the good business tradition will ensure you a sufficient healthy experience with your projects. 

What you should be aware of when working with Spanish IT companies

Although it has known a huge growth in the sector, Spain has a shortage of qualified, experienced information technology (IT) professionals to meet the growing demand – especially in the major cities, which dominate the IT market in Spain. This means that together with great project experience, there is a risk of average project execution, in spite of having higher expectations. 

Are Spanish company reliable? 

In terms of reliability, Spain has never been the top leading country, but also not the last. Due to social culture, it is known that Spanish companies like to bargain and negotiate the prices & services. While some may find this frustrating, most of the businesses like this feature, as it’s one of the business fundamental practices.

How Spanish IT industry relates to the neighboring countries

With all IT industry growth, Spain has registered in the last few years, the country competes with France, which has also managed to score impressive numbers in the IT sector. However, the markets are slightly different for both of them, including but not limited to linguistic differences. Probably, the case of Spain and France are two extremely important cases where culture crosses the IT industry. 

Overall, Spain has managed to keep the IT industry grow even with the human resources challenges that are facing. And it is expected in the next years that the regional IT competition will lead to surprise evolution and increased attractiveness to potential clients. 

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