The ICT Industry in Manchester: General Profile

by Dan Irascu

The ICT Industry in Manchester: General Profile

Manchester, UK is the place where the industrial revolution first took place, and one of the main things it is known for, in addition to the football club, of course. But the city promises more, including tech industry development. In the last decade, the number of startups has grown and so did the number of IT companies that choose to relocate or establish an office/headquarters in the city. 

In 2019, Manchester was the largest tech hub by the number of employees in the UK, outside London. The forecasts show that the city will keep this position at least until 2025. Fashion, technology, fintech, nanotechnology, new media - you can find everything from these in Manchester at its highest. The city owns an impressive digital portfolio due to IT companies that positioned the city #2 in the UK. 

Additionally, the city has become the main stage for digital leaders; Home to more than 3 million people and with an economy bigger than Wales or Northern Ireland, the digital sector in Manchester is estimated to 3 billion GBP. On top of that, the local councils have gathered their forces to boost the local economy and infrastructure digitalization level, this is how the “Northern Powerhouse” brand appeared. 

Another important aspect of Manchester’s IT industry is the education sector. With Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester, local tech companies are supplied with a high-quality workforce which covers almost all other branches of the tech industry. 

The average salary for Machester IT workers is estimated to 37K GBP/year, which is slightly lower than London, but still on top of other cities’ IT average. 

Like in almost all large tech hubs, projects with Manchester-based IT companies can be costly. But if you are aiming for a budget project you still have companies to choose from. 

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