The ICT Industry in Indonesia: Data & Insights

by Dan Irascu

The ICT Industry in Indonesia: Data & Insights

By 2025, Indonesia’s digital economy is expected to contribute USD 150 billion to the GDP. To achieve the target, the Indonesian government is currently implementing a massive infrastructure development. 

 As part of the digital transformation, the government has launched several national programs among others are Go Digital Vision 2020, e-smart IKM, and 100 Smart City Movement. These programs aim to develop local startups, support small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as to prepare and embrace the internet of things (IoT).

Why working with Indonesian IT companies

What makes Indonesian IT companies and web agencies attractive is the way how young professionals have managed to adapt to new technologies and implement global business trends in their own business model. 

Currently, updating the company’s system is one of the factors that influence the success of a business. The more sophisticated the company’s technology, the easier the transaction process and faster time of its request process. This has an attraction that has become a trend in the Indonesian market nowadays.

What you should pay attention to when working with Indonesian IT companies

Even though the government invests in skilled professionals and the development of IT education, most of the IT companies and creative agencies from Indonesia lack experience and are predisposed to inefficient communication and project management. This can be challenging for potential foreign customers of the sector, but nonetheless, it contributes to the development of the Indonesian business environment.

How reliable are Indonesian IT companies

Despite e-commerce and fintech developments, Indonesia had the highest percentage of Cybercrime of a malware attack in the world (China was second with 21.26 percent). Malware is a particular problem in Indonesia along with spam and other types of email-based scams. But what Indonesian IT companies made, was transforming the challenge into opportunities, and developed the cybersecurity infrastructure, making the country well-known on the global stage as a trustworthy source of professionals and companies that can handle this type of threat according to Visiglobal online portal.

How does the Indonesian IT infrastructure relate to the region?

According to the Swiss Global Enterprise report from 2019, most of the contributors to Indonesia’s ICT import are from China and the ASEAN neighbors. Indonesia has received foreign investments and witnessed several joint ventures between foreign and local companies.

However, based on another report from the Australian Trade Commission, the Indonesian ICT market features intense competition from Korean, Chinese and the United States, players

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