The ICT Industry in Iceland: General Profile & Data

by Dan Irascu

The ICT Industry in Iceland: General Profile & Data

Iceland is a small and highly integrated society, where consumers are quick to adapt to new technologies. The progressive and peaceful population lives in harmony with the forces of nature. Geothermal energy and glacial rivers provide efficient green energy, and at the same time, nature and landscape provide continuous creative inspiration.

Icelandic companies are born global, due to the small domestic market. The population is small, which requires flexibility and willingness to adopt new technologies. The level of education is high, with people seeking education on both sides of the Atlantic and the nation has proved to have a talent for innovation. Characterized by their surroundings, the Icelandic people are flexible, energetic, and hard-working, with a relaxed and informal attitude towards life, and open and welcoming towards newcomers. 

Why you should work with IT companies from Iceland

The high level of education that stimulates young people to opt-in for the IT industry, digital agencies that are located, or have an office in Iceland are boosted by skilled professionals eager to try what is the digital industry like. 

In these regards, Iceland IT companies are in a win-win situation. While young professionals try their skills and practice software services, the companies enjoy the business environment, cultural and social particularities that make them unique on the market and offer them an opportunity to provide authentic Icelandic IT services. 

What to be aware of when working with an Icelandic IT company. 

As mentioned above, most Icelandic IT companies are born outside the borders, which means that out of the entire number of potential IT companies, some of them may have a dubious reputation. However, there are several key elements that could help identify the best, such as portfolio, years of experience, number of employees, hourly rates, location, and names. 

Here at Tech Behemoths, we recommend paying attention to these factors for all cases and companies, not only in the case of the Icelandic ones. 

How reliable are Icelandic IT companies

With all the things you need to pay attention to, there are some things which reassure customers of their choice. Standards that IT companies based in Iceland have been among the best in Europe. Quality control, communication between software agencies and their clients must be at the highest level, according to the national legislation. Otherwise, fees a company has to pay are enormous. Not to mention the reputation of these companies will lose.

How does the Icelandic IT industry relate to the neighboring countries?

When we talk about Iceland, we have in mind a country with no land borders. However, the close proximity to the US stimulated the country’s IT industry to improve the quality of services and take advantage of the customer base established there. 

However, the biggest consumer of Icelandic IT and software services is the EU. Even the numbers are not significantly high for the country, they represent good progress compared to previous years. According to the latest OECD stats, in 2018 Iceland had 6,218 million kronor from taxes that came from the IT sector. 

Sooner rather than later, Iceland will become one of Europe’s most attractive tech hubs, since the digital progress the country registers is one of the fastest-growing on the continent. This, together with the beautiful views, the country will attract companies, tech workers, and also clients in the near future.

Dan Irascu

Head of Marketing

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