The ICT Industry in Edmonton: General Overview

by Dan Irascu

The ICT Industry in Edmonton: General Overview

Edmonton’s burgeoning tech industry has seen a 26 percent increase in jobs since 2014, which shows a new report ranking Canadian cities based on tech talent.

It’s a momentum that champions of innovation believe can continue to grow even amidst cuts to tax credits in the provincial budget.

Adding more than 5,800 tech jobs in the past five years, Edmonton has moved into the 10th spot in CBRE Limited’s annual study scoring 20 Canadian cities on how they appeal to tech workers and companies.

The 2020’s results, released by the commercial real estate services firm last Tuesday, garnered Edmonton the highest increase in the score by more than 10 points and an improvement of one spot into the top 10. 

Regarding average wage in the IT industry, Edmonton ranks somewhere between Vancouver and Montreal - $59K/year which is a good indicator, yet this is the average for a software developer, and other IT professionals probably get a different salary, depending on their specialization. 

Nonetheless, the city manages to attract investors and professionals around the area, and consolidate the IT ecosystem. Yet, a part of professionals may prefer Calgary over Edmonton due to the high number of workplaces available there. 

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Overall, Edmonton is a promising city and IT center in Canada with high development potential and chances to become a leader in the area. 

Dan Irascu

Head of Marketing

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