The Chilean ICT Industry: Data & Insights

by Dan Irascu

The Chilean ICT Industry: Data & Insights

For decades Chile has grown in different areas, and the technology sector is no exception. In this area, the country continues to be a reference in the region, as one of the most stable countries in Latin America. Recently, the country was ranked 42 out of the 63 nations evaluated by the Digital Competitiveness Index ranking, prepared by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD). It is true that Chile fell seven places in the latest version of this ranking, although it has remained as one of the leaders in technology in the region.

Chile also has a recognized presence of multinational companies that today are leading the great technological and digital transformations in the world. Entities such as Google, IBM, and Cisco have data and innovation centers in Chile that position the country’s industry as an interesting business platform in Latin America.

Why you should work with IT companies from Chile

Tech companies have the chance to expand into foreign territories and regions that show promise in the technology sector. While the Chile technology industry is at a turning point in relation to the path the country wants to continue on, the industry is aware of the enormous challenges of its reality: greater clarity in regulations, fraud prevention, financial portability, personal data protection, biometrics, and cybersecurity.

What you should be aware of when working with IT companies from Chile

In the IMD rating, Chile fell 7 positions in 2020, and this is due to several reasons which make the IT industry challenges. 

First of all, according to bnamerica, there is a demand for young professionals in the IT market, as many new web agencies register a shortage of workforce and it may cause system collapse by 2025 if numbers don’t improve. The reason behind this issue is the low prices on the local web market, which makes the IT industry in Chile a great outsourcing opportunity for foreign companies. 

Additionally, skilled workers in the Chilean IT sector are considered to be inexperienced enough for local IT companies, which in their turn miss the chance of training and preparing professionals for their work. 

How reliable are IT companies from Chile

There are not clear strategies at the corporate or business association’s level for ICT industry development. Most ICT companies are part of the Chilean Association of Companies in ICT (ACTI5 ) or the Chilean Society for Software and Services (GECHS6 ). These companies are focused on providing particular ICT services to public and private organizations, or to citizens. While ACTI groups the big companies, GECHS meets small and medium enterprises and this means that these business associations have different goals because they represent diverse interests - according to a report of PRO-IDEAL. This means that cooperation between foreign companies and local IT and web companies has two be established at two different levels, and depending on each level  - the reliability of companies may differ. 

How does the IT industry from Chile relate to the neighboring countries?

The Chilean IT industry is considered one of the most well-developed in the region, mostly due to the presence of big players on the local market. However, on the already existing IT infrastructure local web agencies and IT companies do not take advantage of it fully, as there is a shortage of experienced workforce. On the other hand, the Chilean IT industry may become a leading model of innovation in the region for neighboring countries, as it applies more modern technologies in developing web and IT products. 

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