The Azerbaijani IT Industry: Overview & Insightful Data

by Dan Irascu

The Azerbaijani IT Industry: Overview & Insightful Data

Azerbaijan's high economic growth has been attributable to large and growing oil and gas exports, but some non-export sectors also featured double-digit growth, including construction, banking, and real estate. The IT sector was never a priority for the government-supported economy fields, and thus web industry developed by itself, with small steps, and exclusively based on market requirements. 

According to pay lab the salary in the IT sector in Azerbaijan varies from 337 AZN/month up to 1250 AZN/ month which is the equivalent of $198/mo - $735/mo. The average hourly rate, as expected, varies between $9 up to $21 for web developers, which means that a local agency may charge per hour slightly more than the official numbers. 

Why Working with Azerbaijan Web Agencies?

Even though there are no visible changes and state-supported policies that would develop the branch, Azerbaijani web agencies still exist, and provide the same range of services as western European ones, but for a considerably lower price.

What to be aware of when working with Azerbaijani web agencies

However, you may want to give a second thought of whether the price range is your main reason, and also explore other options in the region. Even though web services are cheap in Azerbaijan, you may find difficulties in communication, project management, software piracy, and also project delivery terms. 

Are Azerbaijani Agencies reliable? 

It depends from case to case on how reliable web development and design agencies from Azerbaijan really are. Tech Behemoths don’t interfere in the selection process, but you may consider having a call with all agencies from the country and also try to avoid agencies based in small cities. 

How Azerbaijan relates to its neighboring countries in terms of IT?

On the background of a well developed IT sector in Armenia, and a slightly lower IT development sector in Georgia, Azerbaijan faces challenges of exiting to the global market and promoting its services and web products. Also, web companies lack substantial state support and government policies that will encourage the development of this branch. On the other hand, the lack of strong competition in the IT sector in this country makes it a good target for IT startups.

All in all, Azerbaijan has a still undiscovered IT potential and hopefully will develop this field in the next years. Until then, few web agencies struggle to acquire new products and use the latest technologies and lower prices to get a relatively strong presence on the local market. 

Dan Irascu

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