ICT Industry in Dhaka: A TechBehemoths Research

by Dan Irascu

ICT Industry in Dhaka: A TechBehemoths Research

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh started its journey in the IT industry back in the 1990s, at the same time with the BPO boom in the region and since then, the city has started to relaunch its economy and refocus on the IT sector more than on any other industries.  At the same time, Bangladesh has founded an association that is in charge of the IT BPO processes and creates a window for all other IT companies in the city that are able and willing to export their services in the west. 

Even if Dhaka is somehow shadowed by many Indian cities in terms of IT services, when it comes to IT infrastructure things are better, and Dhaka - the leading city of Bangladesh is one of the largest software exporters in the region. 

On top of that, Dhaka’s human resources are considered one of the largest in the world, with high development potential. Over 45% of its population are youngsters under 25, which under a proper education and training can become talented developers, designers, marketers, and overall highly qualified IT professionals. 

Another important fact about Dhaka companies is the pricing for IT & software services. So, from the top 250 IT locations in the world, Dhaka is relatively cheap compared to the neighboring competitive cities. According to a study published by Everest Group operative costs in Dhaka are 16 to 20% cheaper than in Bangalore, India,  and 30% cheaper than in Cebu, Philippines. This makes Dhaka a potential leading city in attracting investments into the BPO industry. 

When it comes to the salary range in Dhaka, the average base pay of a Java Developer is estimated to be 3505 Euros/Year.  Compared to Bangalore ( 5500 Eur/year) and Cebu ( 6670 Eur/year), Dhaka developers are cheaper, but not less professional, since the IT and software development studies are in top preferences of youngsters, which receive a relatively good education in the system. 

Dhaka has also a number of accelerators, incubators, partnership programs, and associations in the IT industry, that are meant to consolidate the position of companies regionally and stimulate their development.  Ygap, F6S, YSI Bangladesh, and Startup Dhaka are only a few to name among the top such programs located there. 

All in all, Dhaka is a continuously growing city that has high regional potential that could become in the long run a competitive tech hub. It all depends on investments, government, and innovation

Dan Irascu

Head of Marketing

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