ICT Industry in Austria: General Profile and Insights

by Dan Irascu

ICT Industry in Austria: General Profile and Insights

Austria is considered one of the fastest-growing economies of Europe and additionally has a long history and rich tradition in the culture of trading. However, if one century ago Austria had the ”Golden Apple” of Europe - Vienna, now, in terms of the tech industry attracts considerably lower attention than its more developed and stronger sibling - Germany.

According to payscale, the average salary of a web developer is around 3150 EUR/month, and this makes the average hourly rate of an Austrian developer of 25 EUR/hour. The numbers are really close to the EU average of 3200 EUR/month average wage in the sector, and 29 EUR/hour - hourly rate. 

Despite the relatively low prices to what we would have expected, Austria is driving the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector forward and has developed into a top location. Many large international corporations can be found here; however, Austrian companies are also among the top-ranking companies on the global ICT markets.

  • Why working with Austrian companies

Due to western European traditions and trends, Austria always implemented all EU directives and laws to the IT sector. This made it one of the most important destinations for companies from other countries, and especially the UK, after Brexit. 

However, the main reason why it’s worth working with Austrian IT companies is good and precise management along with average prices.

  • What to be aware of Austrian companies when working with

Based on a study performed by Red Herring the difference between Austrian Web Agencies and other western countries is in mentality. In Austria, everybody has another way of thinking than other western Europeans. Thinking in the typical western-European way means going to Germany or France. This type of mindset is incompatible with large-scale globalization processes that make connections more accessible, services more affordable, and products of a higher quality. Lately, the mentality has been changing, and young entrepreneurs and agencies are evolving and adapting their way of thinking and approach, both social and business. However, Austria’s ICT branch is still in a transition period.

  • Are Austrian companies reliable? 

In terms of reliability, Austrian-based agencies are among the most trustworthy from Europe, and globally. Precision, commitment, and transparency are three keywords that would describe Austrian web agencies. Good management and communication are also an in-house specialty, so basically, Austria is a clear location. 

  • How does Austria relate to its neighboring countries in terms of IT?

Its potential, geographically, is big: Vienna is the second-largest German-speaking city on earth, behind Berlin. The Vienna-Bratislava metropolitan region, which encompasses the Austrian and Slovak capitals, is home to over three million people. Prague, the Czech Republic’s tech-happy capital, is just a short train or flight away, as are Budapest, Zagreb, and several other central European hubs. Barely anything in Europe is over three hours away by air. All these are connecting Austria with the main European hubs and influences the ICT development in the region. 

Generally, Austria has great IT infrastructure and development potential. Adjusting the social aspect of the industry to the more advanced country in the region is just a matter of time. On the other hand, Austria is by far not the most experienced country in IT but shows positive results.

Dan Irascu

Head of Marketing

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