How Much Flutter Developers Earn In Europe

by Dan Irascu

How Much Flutter Developers Earn In Europe

Flutter has been launched in 2018 by Google and by 2023 it managed to become a popular framework among developers, used in almost all European countries. Flutter basically allows building cross-platform applications and is a cost-saving solution recognized and used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and IT companies. Seen as an optimized digital solution, developers started to learn, create and build with Flutter more and more. By April 2020 the number of Flutter developers worldwide reached 500,000/mo. 

In our previous research, we identified the main skills required for a Flutter developer and touched a little bit on the earnings topic. But just like any other job, people earn differently for doing the same work, and Flutter is not an exception. For example, if in the United States a skilled developer with good knowledge and skills of Flutter would earn around $110,000/year, in Germany the same developer would earn around €90,000/year before taxes.  Not all Europeans pay as German companies and not all American companies are similar to European ones.  So, here we will find out how much Flutter developers earn across Europe. 

For a better understanding, we divided Europe into 6 regions where salaries and living costs are relatively the same, and it makes it easier to compare countries within their group, and then to compare groups with each other. So, let’s get started.

How Much Flutter Developers Earn In Western Europe?

The first group of countries  - Western Europe is probably the best paying. But, let’s be honest with ourselves - these are the leading countries in Europe and in the world when it comes to digitalization, web/software development, and # of IT companies per capita.  

Nonetheless, there are visible differences inside the group, as some of the western European countries have companies that pay double Flutter developers compared to other companies coming from countries in the same group. 

The lowest average yearly wage of a Flutter developer starts at €36,600 before taxes - and this refers to Italian and Spanish companies. At the same time the highest average yearly salary gets as high as €60,100 in countries such as Denmark or Germany.  Companies located in any other country in western Europe pay somewhere between the highest and the lowest average per region. 

Here is the full list of average wages that Flutter developers get in western Europe: 

It is still important to note several moments when we are referring to these numbers are salaries for companies in the above-mentioned European countries. First of all, Flutter developers are also referred to as mobile developers, software developers, and app developers.

flutter developer salaries in western europe

With these notes and information, it comes out that the average salary of Flutter developers in Western Europe is EUR44,547/year.  Companies from Netherlands, Ireland, and Austria pay Flutter developers really close to Western Europe average, while in Spain, Portugal and Italy Flutter developers earn significantly lower than Western Europe average. 

flutter developers salaries in western europe

Compared to the average salary in the EU, which is around EUR24,000/year, a Flutter developer earns twice more. This comes to support the statement that IT is one of the best-paid industries in the XXI century, so far. 

But as we move from west to east of the old continent, the wages drop including for Flutter developers. Behind this may be outsourcing, lower living costs, or a cheap workforce along with underqualified professionals. Nonetheless, in every analyzed country, a developer earns more than the average per country. Let’s take for example our next European Region - Central Europe. 

How Much Flutter Developers Earn In Central Europe?

The second group of countries - Central Europe will refer exclusively to V4 countries: Poland, Hungary, Czechia and, Slovakia. Companies coming from here, provide large-scale outsourcing services, including web and app development. This means that Flutter developers would earn less than in Western Europe and the US. However, their qualifications and skills probably make them look better compared to the same Flutter developers coming from Eastern Europe, or Western Balkans. 

Generally, IT as a field has no physical boundaries, and the only reason to group developers by country is how companies relate to the country where it is located. For example, In Germany, companies are able to pay more for web development services as there is more demand for such services, the living costs are also higher, and also taxes. At the same time, not all Polish companies can afford to pay the same way as German companies do since they compete directly with them, and try to attract more clients with a lower hourly rate, and also have a different label in this field. 

Now that is clear why salaries grow or drop based on country, let’s get to how companies from central European countries pay Flutter developers: 


The average salary of a Flutter developer in Central Europe according to calculations from above is EUR23,867/year. If we compare how much Flutter developers earn in Western Europe and Central Europe, then we will get a difference of ~EUR 20,000.

flutter developer earnings in central europe

Flutter developer salaries in the next region are even lower compared to Central Europe. This, despite that companies from this region developed and improved their capabilities to deliver projects significantly lately. Nonetheless, the tech industry in these countries is still at the emerging phase and it will take some time to catch up with the western region. 

How Much Flutter Developers Earn In The Western Balkans?

The Western Balkans region was supported significantly by the EU in the past 5 years, as local governments shifted their efforts to improve the IT infrastructure, labor conditions, and salaries. It was a successful alignment in terms of technologies so far, and it is supposed to scale each country’s IT capabilities in the near future. 

Just like all other developers, those who are skilled with Flutter and coming from companies located in the Western Balkans are paid better than almost any other workers. But the differences between companies located in the Western Balkans and companies from Central and Western Europe are significant. 

flutter developers average earnings in western balkans - map

According to Glassdoor and Salary Explorer, in the Western Balkan countries the minimum yearly salary of a Flutter developer  starts at EUR 8,830, and it goes up to EUR 29,400. So, here are the salaries for Flutter developers in Western Balkan companies by country: 

  • Albanian Flutter developers earn the lowest salaries in the region according to SalaryExplorer - EUR8830/year

  • Flutter Developers in Bosnia and Herzegovina earn EUR14,616/year

  • In North Macedonia, the average salary of a Flutter Developer is EUR9,372/year

  • Montenegro has the best-paid Flutter developers in the Western Balkans - EUR29,400/year

  • In Serbia, the average salary of a Flutter developer is estimated to be EUR12,756/year in local currency

  • Kosovo is the second best-paying country for Flutter development services. The professionals in this field earn around EUR23,400/year

how much flutter developers earn in western balkans

Based on all collected data, the average salary of a Flutter developer in the Western Balkans is EUR 16,395/year. With companies from Montenegro and Kosovo paying considerably higher their Flutter developers compared to other neighboring countries, the average result is 10,000 EUR less than in Central Europe. 

How Much Flutter Developers Earn In Eastern Europe?

Companies from Eastern Europe are paying a decent amount of money for Flutter developers, and above they are competitive including for companies from Central and Western Europe. It is the region that probably covers the largest territory in Europe and includes both EU member states and non-EU countries. 

flutter developers earnings in eastern europe-map

Romania advanced highly in digitalization in 2021 and has become a regional tech hub that connects western companies to eastern skilled developers, including those specialized in Flutter. That’s the reason why companies from Romania pay the best Flutter developers compared to other countries in the region. 

On the second position, there is Bulgaria, which also followed the general European trends and progressed in digitalization. As a matter of fact, Bulgaria has one of the biggest numbers of registered IT companies, confirming that IT is a successful business direction. 

On average, Russian IT companies also pay good enough Flutter developers. Despite having big regional differences in prices, hourly rates,  tech development, and infrastructure - Russian IT companies pay decent enough local Flutter developers. 

In Moldova, local IT companies and those from abroad pay huge for Flutter development services. Benefiting from a large talent pool and good tech education, Moldova managed to attract several large outsource IT companies, and facilitated new home-brewed tech startups and companies. However, just like in any other country, companies don’t specifically pay more for the exact Flutter development services, but generally for web and mobile development services overall. 

If Moldova was a pleasant surprise in terms of salaries in Eastern Europe, Greek companies bring the bitter taste when it comes to tech in the region. Or it may be simply because Greece has never focused so much on Tech and IT until lately. This way or another, Greek IT companies pay among the lowest for Flutter developers in Europe. 

In the end, there are Ukrainian IT companies, and companies from Belarus, that are somewhere behind at Flutter development salaries. But at the same time, both countries are huge talent pools in Europe and have operational centers across Europe. Most of IT companies from Belarus and Ukraine chose to earn clients by lowering the prices instead of asking for more and taking the risks. 

Now, let’s go get the numbers for each country and see exactly how much companies pay for Flutter developers based on their location in Eastern Europe: 

  • Flutter Developers in Romania earn EUR20,025/year

  • Flutter Developers in Bulgaria earn EUR14,291/year

  • In Greece, Flutter Developers earn EUR 12,805/year

  • The yearly salary of a Flutter developer in Moldova is EUR15,934

  • On average, Ukrainian Flutter developers earn EUR8,830/year

  • Belarussian IT companies pay Flutter developers on average EUR11,440/year

  • Russian Flutter developers are paid on average around EUR 13,101/year

average yearly salary of a flutter developer in eastern european countries

The average salary a Flutter developer earns in Eastern European countries is the lowest among all regions in Europe - only EUR 13,775/year. On the other hand, living costs, tech education, digital infrastructure, and IT capabilities are also among the lowest in Eastern Europe, so this pretty much explains why the wages are lower. 

How Much Flutter Developers Earn In The Baltic Countries?

The first thing that comes to mind when I mention the Baltic countries is innovation, tech skills, and startups. And that’s because they have it and they’ve done it. Take a look at Estonia for example - an impressive number of fresh-born startups that are worthy to follow. Latvia and Lithuania are not too far behind either - according to OECD, their input to the R&D information industry is among the top 8 in the community. 

With an advanced digital economy, and strong IT industry, companies coming from the Baltic countries earn good enough to pay among the best salaries in Europe for Flutter developers: 

  • Flutter developers from Estonian IT companies earn EUR 37,282/year

  • In Latvia, a Flutter developer earns on average EUR27,000/year 

  • Lithuanian Flutter developers have an average salary of EUR29,040/year


Overall Flutter developers earn better in Baltic countries compared to Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and Western Balkans. It’s clear that Estonia takes the lead and shifts the regions’ average wage, but in Latvia and Lithuania, Flutter developers can earn better than in other countries too. So, on average, a Flutter developer in Baltic states earns EUR 31,107/year

How Much Flutter Developers Earn In Scandinavia?

Scandinavian IT companies always paid their staff well regardless of job title. So among all, Flutter developers working for companies that come from Norway, Finland, or Sweden earn more compared with western European companies. Above this, Flutter is becoming  a popular framework for Scandinavian IT companies as they are always open to new technologies, frameworks, and programming languages. 

In Finland for example the average yearly salary of a Flutter Developer is EUR 41,062, while Swedish IT companies pay the same professionals the equivalent of EUR58,213. However, the leaders are Norwegian IT companies.  Flutter developers in Norway earn almost as in Denmark or Germany - EUR 59,472.

flutter developer salaries in scandianvian countries  - map

Since the region includes only 3 countries, and companies located there pay higher salaries compared to any other region overall, the average salary of a Flutter developer in Scandinavia is EUR 53,216 or its equivalent. 

This makes Scandinavian salaries for Flutter developers the best in Europe.

yearly salaries of flutter developers in the scandinavian countries



To sum up, here are several key findings of Flutter Developer salaries across Europe: 

  • Scandinavian Flutter developers earn on average the best salaries on the continent.

  • The difference between the highest and the lowest salaries of a Flutter developer in Europe is over 10 times. 

  • In Western Balkans and Eastern Europe, the lowest average salaries for Flutter developers/country are identical - EUR 8,830

  • The difference between the 2 highest Flutter developer salaries in European countries is only EUR600

  • From West and North, to East and South all salaries, regardless of job title get lower and lower

Flutter developer salaries across europe, map

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