5 Skills Flutter Developers Should Have in 2022

by Dan Irascu

5 Skills Flutter Developers Should Have in 2022

In 2018 Google launched Flutter - the framework that allows developing one app for multiple operating systems. The most innovative approach in development by far that convinced in less than 3 years thousands of developers to choose Flutter instead of other frameworks. Flutter’s main advantage over other frameworks became popular and demanded on the market for money-saving reasons: Instead of crafting multiple apps for iOS, Android, and Web, you can use the same codebase in Flutter to create one that will work on all platforms. 

But since Flutter is relatively new on the market, developers also needed time to learn and adapt to the new framework, and now, in 2021, the market can have some standards for Flutter developers.

These are 5 Skills Flutter Developers Should Have in 2021:

  • Prior Knowledge of Native Programming Languages 

Before starting to code in Flutter, it is essential to have practice and a good understanding of Android application programming languages such as Java, C, C#, C++, Lua, or Kotlin. On the other hand, good knowledge of Swift and prior experience is essential to develop a cross-platform application on Flutter that will work also on iOS. Being familiar with these programming languages will allow you to have a smooth understanding of where Flutter stands and how it works as a whole. IT companies that work with Flutter are hiring most of the time former Android or iOS developers since it’s easier to train and work with. 

  • Good Knowledge or Experience in Dart

Dart is the client-based programming language used in Flutter to write simple scripts. Dart was also launched by Google and object-based programming language. Skilled professionals mention that is similar to C or Java. However, Dart is used for web, server, desktop, and mobile which makes it a multidimensional programming language that universally introduces Flutter into the cross-platform compatibility world. The majority of companies that are hiring Flutter developers will require knowledge and/or experience in Dart and there is a huge possibility that one of the practical tasks during the interview will be based on Dart. 

  • Knowledge of Agile and Waterfall methodologies for software development

For any developer is important to know and surf the work process based on one or multiple methodologies. In Dart+Flutter the Agile, as well as Waterfall methodologies, are mostly used. 

  • Agile methodologies is an umbrella term for a set of frameworks and practices that has 12 principles behind it mentioned in the Agile Manifesto. Solutions and processes from Agile software approaches are different from other types of methodologies. You can learn more about Agile here.

  • Waterfall methodology refers to a linear sequential life cycle that is considered simple and easy to understand and use. The waterfall was the first SDLC  Model to be introduced in software development and is considered the core methodology. More information about waterfall methodology can be found here.

The workflow in Flutter relies on these methodologies and knowing them is considered vital for all Flutter+ Dart developers. 

  • Knowledge in SQLite

SQLite is essential in multiple frameworks as it helps store persisting data and load it each time needed. Yet in Flutter, SQLite has additional advantages - SQLite can be easily integrated into Flutter with sqflite plugin and multiple operations can be performed, such as insert, read, update and delete data.  The entire roadmap for SQLite with Flutter can be found here

But the main argument why SQLite knowledge and practice are essential in Flutter is the support Flutter devs provide, and the wide range of information available about how they work together. Taking into account that working with large amounts of data will come to a Flutter dev sooner or later, knowing SQLite is important since is one of the tools that can handle the situation. 

  • Good Knowledge of Git

Git has become an essential part of the developer’s life for a while now, no matter the framework or programming language used. In most cases, Git serves as a tool and community for developers, and the same thing is available for Flutter. Generally, developers start familiarising themselves with Git from early stages, and in several months it becomes an irreplaceable part of the work process. 

However, the must-have skills for a successful Flutter developer are variable and also include non-technical abilities. Good communication skills, adaptability, precision, and responsibility are altogether a set of requirements that companies already expect developers to have even if you are a junior developer. 

Experienced developers advise to learn Flutter and Dart as an additional programming language, and rely on other frameworks as the main professional activity. Since experience in other frameworks is mandatory to become a Flutter developer, you might already have another favorite framework, but in case you want to focus on Flutter and found a job to do so, then you might be interested in what salaries Flutter developers get.

Flutter Developers' Roles and Responsibilities

Of course, the above-mentioned skills Flutter developers should have, are required to perform a series of tasks that only they could do. Among all technical and non-technical responsibilities Flutter developers have, here is what usually a Flutter developer required to do: 

  • Develop Android/iOS apps 

In their job description, IT companies that provide services on Flutter usually assign the role of developing android and iOS apps on Flutter to the developer. At the same time, Flutter developers are assigned to create app updates based on feedback, and other developers are assigned sometimes to collect the feedback itself. 

  • Write a clean-code using Dart

While Flutter is the open-source UI SDK developed by Google, Dart is the programming language that Flutter works on. So, writing a clean code using Dart is a basic, routine responsibility for a Flutter developer is assigned to. However, this responsibility may extend up to writing documentation for usage and upgrades

  • Optimize the development process using feedback and brainstorm

That's where technical and non-technical abilities and knowledge come together. Communication is a core skill in development especially in optimizing processes. This, with a pinch of creativity and extensive knowledge and awareness of the technology and product tail the road to a costly but much-appreciated responsibility - Optimization. Yes, everything depends on the company, but in most cases, Flutter developers will be asked to optimize the development process and provide the best outcome via different methodologies. 

  • Design and UX 

Design and UX is a top role of a Flutter developer. Just like in most front-end developers that have the slightest relation with User Interface, Flutter developers should understand the logic behind any app design they are assigned to, and share their feedback to the team. This role is also connected with the optimization process that could save the time and effort of the entire team. 

Average Salaries for Flutter developers around the world

Flutter Developer Salaries in The United States

According to talent.com, a Flutter developer in the United States gets an average salary of $110.000/year, or $56.4/hour. Entry-level salaries for Flutter developers start at $90.000/year while senior Flutter developers get up to $135.000/year. 

Flutter Developer Salaries in The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, a Flutter developer gets on average £47.500/year. Compared to the United States where Flutter developers are paid almost ⅓ better, IT companies in the United Kingdom don’t have higher salaries for developers no matter the field. 

Flutter Developer Salaries in Germany

German IT companies pay better Flutter developers compared to UK IT companies, and almost the same as US IT companies. According to the latest data, a Flutter developer in Germany would get between €70.000-85.000/year. However, this is the gross wage that developers would get, which means that a certain percentage would be subtracted from the overall salary. 


As a relatively new framework on the development market, Flutter has a high chance to attract more developers on its side since it is a cost-efficient solution for both developers and businesses. In addition, Flutter is developed and also promoted by Google, which is another competitive advantage the framework has. On the other hand, Flutter is seen as an alternative to React Native, Swift, Xamarin, or Kotlin by most of the mobile developers who are still evaluating Flutter’s potential on the market and its technical advantages compared to other competitors. 

If Flutter will become mainstream or not in the mobile development industry is still a mystery. 

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