Announcing TechBehemoths 2021-Awards - best IT companies around the world

by Marcel Sobieski

Announcing TechBehemoths 2021-Awards - best IT companies around the world

At the end of 2021 TechBehemoths announced the best IT companies around the world, from 140 countries listed on the platform, based on their services, reviews, interaction with their business profile, and other 5 vital criteria in tech and business. The award-winning companies come from 32 countries across the globe and cover the most popular 20 IT services according to inside intel. 

“In 2021, all companies from our platform become more competitive, active, and improved their credibility towards hundreds of thousands of users that sought their services. Some IT companies tried harder and got more visibility and project inquiries while other companies got their results based on how they expose their services in front of their customers”  — said Marcel Sobieski, founder of TechBehemoths.

What makes TechBehemoths awards different from other similar events is the transparency and the way each company was evaluated. The platform is completely free, both for IT companies and people looking for services. There are no paid positions or ads, everything is based exclusively on meritocracy. Several key criteria to award companies on TechBehemoths are:

  • Client reviews

  • Business portfolio

  • Business profile strength

  • Service demand and popularity

  • User activity on the company profile

  • Website description

  • Community feedback

  • Operational power

“There are over 57,000 IT companies and only 1507 were awarded. That’s 2.6% of companies that had the above-mentioned criteria over other companies at the end of 2021. If we added more criteria, the numbers, and the names would have changed. That’s why more nominations will come during 2022” — said Dan Irascu, head of marketing at TechBehemoths.

The awards cover 20 of the most demanded services of 2021 - Python, ReactJS, JavaScript, PHP, SMM, Design, Web Design, Content Marketing, Web Development, WordPress, PPC, SEO, Marketing Strategy, NodeJS and more.

TechBehemoths 2021-Awards is the general yearly awards event that names the best performing and reliable IT companies based on a series of criteria. The rating is evaluated from a business, technical and reliability perspective. This award brings significant social proof for the company and trust to their potential clients, considering their services instead of competitors. Nonetheless also with the responsibility to perform accordingly during the next year. 

TechBehemoths is one of the fastest-growing platforms, created in Germany, that as of January 2022 connects 57,000 reputable IT companies from 140 countries with clients and projects from all over the world.

Marcel Sobieski


I’m dedicated to delivering useable, beautiful and pain-solving products to the world. My team and I previously created 4 other startups and made 3 exits. TechBehemoths is the greatest one so far.